Friday, May 8, 2009

So my goal was to take $50 in cash and buy my weeks worth of groceries. It seemed daunted being that I usually spend about $100 here and there. So I figured out everything I needed for my dinner menus (and I still have to pick up about 4 things) and using the tips from the ladies at the blogs I follow, coupons and store deals, here is most of my groceries for $37.52!! I will use my $12 for the other things that I am going to WalMart for. I was so excited. This is only for food! Household and most toiletries get their own budget. That will come later, I can only handle one thing at a time here!!

I do have some things in storage like meat, pantry items, etc which shows that buying things when they are on sale really works. See my 5 bottles of BBQ sauce, they were FREE! That Capri Sun which I would never give to them for breakfast and I don't usually buy, will be great for picnics and BBQ's and at only .97 each, it will come in handy. Those strawberries were 4lbs for 3.88!! This does take more time shopping and going to more stores but if I do all my preparation before hand, it pays off!

Our menu for the week:
Sunday: meatloaf, potatoes, green beans
Monday: bacon wrapped chicken, veggies & rice
Tuesday: sandwich night every Tuesday or leftovers -basically I DON'T cook!
Wednesday: beef enchiladas, beans and salad
Thursday: Lasagna & salad
Friday: fish sticks, fruit salad, veggie dippers, biscuits
Saturday: papa murphys pizza