Saturday, July 11, 2009

motley crew post slip-n-slide

Aren't I just the biggest slacker of all? My last post was June 27? Wow. Sorry. Life is so busy and yet it's summer so I really want to enjoy it. That means I'll be a slacker. But, I also think that it is good to take time away from my computer. I find that I get way too sucked in checking out blogs, and facebook and websites and my work and children and spiritual time gets sucked dry. So I am trying to be a little more aware of wasting time, and if that means I don't post as much oh well, I'll take it.

With that said, we had an AWESOME 4th of July. We were so happy last week to see Laura, Katie, Kody and Jacob pull up in our driveway. I had worked hannah and Taylor all day on Thursday cleaning house and beds and rooms, that they were REALLY excited for the kids to come and play!

Friday, we went to the waterpark ALL DAY (our sunburns are all in the peeling stage in case you had to know) and everyone went home with a burn, but we had a great time. The boys all got to go on their own and experience some freedom and doing the rides, and the girls stayed together and happily did what they wanted with a parent.

The lost ones (this is the portion of the story that gets a little hairy and long)
It was working out great until it was time to go and last we had seen Taylor and Brendan was an hour ago. So we wait, dry, thirsty and burned. Rendi and I had Mike, Laura, Kody, Jacob, Hannah and Katie go home (they started dinner their blessed selves!). Finally, after circling, watching and walking the park, we saw the boys and I told them it was time to go. Taylor runs in the bathroom and Brendan disappears around the corner as I'm running after him...uh kids did you hear it was TIME TO GO? Finally after more rounds of Rendi waiting in one spot so we had at least one base, and me doing about 8 laps around the park, I find Brendan, by himself. Another hour passes as I do 8 more laps looking for Taylor, getting madder and madder. Finally I decide to take advantage of the park's security system and put out an alert for Taylor. So I give them his description and walk around the park, and after 10 minutes I'm starting to get that fluttery bad feeling that mom's get in their tummy when something doesn't feel right, and they called over the radio that they might have him up front in the office. I was so glad to see that sunburned kid! I made him apologize to everyone and then I took him out of the office to go home. I stopped and asked him what happened and those big blue eyes filled with tears as he told me he had gone to the van after coming out of the bathroom and not seeing me (I was chasing after Brendan and he didn't see Rendi at the table 20 feet away) and the van wasn't there and he had been waiting at the entrance gates for over an hour. All that time I thought he was goofing off! Oh, humility and tears for me came and we had a hug and went home! I was really happy he was safe and learned an important lesson about having kids check-in regularly if you let them off on their own!!!

Jacob trying out the slip-n-slide

4th of July was full of friends, family, delicious food, uno games, water balloon fights, a jumper house, slip-n-slide and of course-FIREWORKS!

Watch out! Water balloon fight!

Mean game of UNO

Laura and Mike filling tons of water balloons!

There are kids in there, I promise!!


Rendi said...

I'm glad you took pics since I am such a slacker. I can't believe July is almost half way over!