Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I am not any kind of gardner like my mom or grandma, but every summer I can manage to do some containers on the porch. When we lived in Seattle, I LOVED the hydrangeas there, so when we moved here I planted one. Idaho is apparently not the right zone, or weather to grow hydrangeas, but good things come to those who wait because after FOUR years, it has bloomed. I should have taken a picture when it turned a lovely purple/blue color but I haven't, so here it is early and green.

WATER FUN: We took the kids swimming at the local pool. Am I the only one grossed out by being in the same water as all those kids and babies and...yuck. I think it stems from the fact that Hannah got a parasite from the waterpark two years ago and somehow I just can't leave that memory behind me. GROSS! I'll stop all that and say the kids have had fun swimming and we visited an awesome park with all kinds of cool water fountains, the best playground I've ever seen and even outdoor instruments to play.


Rendi said...

I love the water park pics- is that Settler's Park?