Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What a fine looking bunch of ladies!!

Saturday my Mom and I hosted a baby shower for my sister. We went for a monkey theme, based on the crib bedding Rendi had picked for the baby's room. I made the invite and this is about my 4th invitation and baby announcement for various friends and family and I have to say I really like making those. I created a PDF and had them printed on photo paper at Walgreens.

Anyways, fun was had by all. We had lots of family from out of town (a BIG thank you to everyone for driving up!!) and Mom and I cooked for a couple days. Rendi had requested cream puffs, chicken salad puffs, and stuffed mushrooms. I made sour cream coffee cake, chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese frosting (I love Barefoot Contessa's recipes for above mentioned), lemon poppy seed muffins and some frittatas and fresh fruit. Mom found some decorations that were perfect with our colors and everyone had a good time. We did it outside in the morning so it wasn't so hot. I had a Rendi-trivia game for everyone and of course we had to do the string game-guess how big the momma-to-be's tummy is. I really wasn't going to do that one but I totally forgot to get the stuff for the third game. But that is my little secret :-)


Rendi said...

The shower was so much fun- thanks to you and mom for hosting it! I do have to say that the fat face pics need to go...why does every bit of weight have to show in the face?