Saturday, January 2, 2010

That's right, every new year I think of goals and things I want to accomplish, things to change, BUT this year brings none. I will just be enjoying my life, living every day to the fullest and appreciating all that I have. Whether I lose a few extra pounds or finally get around to playing the piano sitting in my living room is not going to make or break me.

Ahh, now I feel better. Boo to you resolutions.

Happy 2010!! Here's to a NEW decade filled with possibilities!

I can't help but think back to 10 years ago: I was sitting in a new apartment as a newlywed, one month away from having a baby. Although Mike and I were on a roller coaster of life changes that most people experience over the course of a few years and not MONTHS, my life was about to be changed forever, and more dramatically by a cute (and not very little) baby boy. Since then we have pursued careers, bought two homes and restored one, had a baby girl, moved out of state and watched our children grow. How short time is, how fast things change and what a thrill it is to watch it all.
Can't wait to see what happens in the next 10 years!


Rendi said...

Yeah, boo to resolutions only at New Years...I need them year round!