Thursday, January 21, 2010

I just haven't had a moment to get on here to post.
Life has a way of happening and lately there has been too much happening to even catch my breath.

But on we go to Hannah who lost her first tooth, started ballet/tap classes and turned 7! She is a busy girl these days.

Mike decided to torture her and a week before her birthday told her we had a special surprise for her. She was out of control asking every waking moment. Since she loves clothing so much (oh the color and pattern combinations!), my mom suggested I take her to the mall for a shopping trip just the two of us and let her pick out what she wants and take her to lunch. Well, it sounded great, but maybe in about 5 years that will be a better idea. She had a cold and only made it until 2pm and she didn't want to try on anymore clothes. But she did enjoy the morning and picked out a neon green outfit that looked like she belonged in 1985, some cute boots, plaid bermuda shorts, lots of shirts and Hannah Montana slippers. It was fun to see what she liked, Gap was her least favorite store (is this MY daughter?). We ended up with lots of new clothes.
a lovely college of green outfit, leggings, new boots and that sweater she loves

We got Panda Express for dinner (her choice) and went to Mom's, who was recovering and couldn't drive. She opened more gifts-a Hello Kitty watch, PJ's, a sweater she won't take off from her Grandma Carol and from my mom a scarf and hat, a new dress from Aunt Laura, a shopping trip to Build a Bear, and some dollhouse people from us (thank you Ebay!).

Kids are so easy.

So without further ado, I will now post a million pictures.

Ballet time-look at those long, skinny legs!
Hannah wearing the new sweater, scarf, hat, party dress and slippers..all at once while playing with the new dollhouse accessories.

New PJ's yeah

She loves having a watch!

Before we set out shopping.

I can't believe she is 7!


Krystal said...

Those are some great pictures! I especially love the one of the holey grin, her full outfit, and the one of you two. Kids are so fun in that they love what they love without reservation. I recently took a shopping trip with my mom and was in complete heaven. Growing up with 3 sisters and a stepdad, I didn't get a lot of that. Even though I'm an adult with my own kids, I thought it was so awesome to have a little one on one time. It's pretty easy to keep kids happy. Looks like it was a great birthday!

Rendi said...

What an ensembler...I see that she has your impeccable sense of style. That is truly reflected in her matching abilities! That's okay though because Melnicina always thought you looked sharp! know I love you so much and I'm glad Hannah had a great birthday. Now to schedule that Build a Bear Workshop...