Sunday, January 31, 2010

Joyce Boatwright 1928-2010

For the past two months my family and I have had to watch a wonderful woman battle the ravages of cancer. We've gathered to make her comfortable, tell her how much she means to us and work together as a family to conclude a full life. My dear Grandma went home to be with the Lord on January 29th. I sat beside her and watched her breathe her last breath. It was beyond difficult, but it was also amazing to watch how the Lord prepared her, cradled her and took all of her pain away. Her last moments, she was saying " give it away". She understood that she need not bring anything, that He is the supplier of all. He ministered to her heart those last moments and what an incredible thing to witness. Two days before she died she said, "Now I understand, now I understand how I can leave." What amazing things she must have seen.

She left all of us with so many loving memories, her family was the center of her life. She took care of me as a little girl (I spent LOTS of time at her house) and no matter what was happening in my little life, she took the time to listen, to care, to make me feel like I was a special person in her life, and continued to do that as I grew older. She loved spending time with my kids and Hannah and her had the same bond I did when I was little with her. I will miss her so much but I have those memories of a wonderful, strong woman who was always telling me how pretty I was, what a good Mom I was, always listening. When I asked my son what he loved the most about his Great-Grandma, he said "I just liked to spend time with her". I think that sums it up right there. She had a full life of people that enjoyed the same thing, just spending time with her.

I love you my dear sweet Grandma, thank you for being everything a Grandma could be: loving, encouraging, thoughtful and understanding. I know you are in Heaven with your husband and family, and one day I will see you again.

My Mom and Grandma,summer 2006


Krystal said...

What a beautiful post! She sounds like she was a very amazing woman. How lucky you are to have been so close with her. I will be thinking of your family!

Rendi said...

Here's to Grandma....she left such a wonderful legacy with our family!