Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Well, most families BBQ, find a nice spot to go fishing or perhaps go out of town for Memorial Day weekend. The Case family really knows how to have fun-we started installing our wood flooring over the weekend. It is proving to be a long process, but after three days, we have the family room done! It is a lot of hard work but Taylor has been a huge help lining up the wood planks and knocking them in before Mike staples them. Mike has figured out all the hard cuts and angles and we have all worked together to re-cover our floors.

Our old carpeting was disgusting from potty training three dogs. No matter how much we had carpet cleaners come to clean it, the spots and odor was there. The smell was literally driving me crazy. Ever since having kids, I have the nose of a beagle-I can smell EVERYTHING. ( Even the subfloor was stained!! I had to use some Kilz primer to seal it out. ) So after much research and putting away some money, we found an awesome deal at lumber liquidators and in just a couple more days my living and family room will be beautiful butterscotch oak with NO smell, much easier clean-ups and just a better flooring for a family with three dogs, a cat and two kids.

For everyone building a corey barton home-UPGRADE YOUR CARPET!! It will be worth it. The builders grade sucks, quite frankly.

I will post pictures when it is done, and the molding is back up, and it looks all pretty.
Now off I go to wake Mike up and get back to work!! It's a good thing he has the week off if needed because this is taking awhile. I'd rather take my time then slam it together.


Rendi said...

It looked good when I saw it yesterday!