Saturday, June 5, 2010

See, we are still smiling after a week of working together. This home remodeling project was much easier than last time when we had a baby and toddler in the house! We put them to work now that they are older!

We finished our project!! It was a lot of work, but Mike and I worked side by side and got it done (he worked a lot harder than me!), I even used some of the power tools. The flooring nail gun is a must have tool. It felt pretty good to finish it together and we LOVE the results-no more disgusting carpet. Our aching backs and creaking knees aside, we think another home project will be fine in another 6 years-this was hard work, but we did burn lots of calories!! It's a good thing we had 6 days to accomplish both the living and family room-about 600 square feet of flooring, plus painting/installing/filling/caulking trim. We have 5 boxes of flooring leftover...will the office be next?

Here are pictures:

Carpet on it's way out.

The room is ready for a new floor. The pet pee had soaked all the way to the subfloor so we had to use a special primer to seal it in (the big white spot). Gross. Naughty dog.

Taylor and Mike made a good team. One hammers in wood strips, one staples.
Repeat 838 times.

Progress on Monday!

Living room-all finished on Thursday!

Family room done on Friday! We even re-arranged the furniture.
See the black thing on the left on the couch? That is the offending dog that did all the pottying in the house, and the reason we did the hardwood.

Another view from family room to kitchen.


Rendi said...

Looking good! It is so fresh and pretty!