Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The end of August means summer is going to be over soon.  And I am always ready for it to end.  Don't get me wrong, I love the sunshine, the swimming, less schedules, going to bed later, walks at night because the sun is still out....but I also LOVE fall. It's my favorite time.  I get to settle in like a hibernating bear and enjoy the kids at school, baking, more time to read and prepare for the quietness of winter.  My very sweet mother-in-law found me an elliptical trainer, so it will offset the extra calories from all the baking nicely...

Anyways, what was I talking about? Yes, on to August and the last week.  My two big brothers both came for a visit this summer-I was so lazy and got no pictures of Rob's stay in July, but here are some of Sean and Chinatsu's stay.  Hannah really loves Chinatsu-talked her ear off the entire time-make that we ALL loved having Chinatsu come with Sean.  The family vote is that we would all like there to be a wedding invitation in the mail very soon.
Mike celebrated turning 35 (!), and Hannah is losing teeth faster than I can blink. 
Mike opening one of Hannah's packages
Mike wanted a berry cobbler instead of cake-good choice!
The three boys, I love this picture of them.
Rendi brought over ladder ball and everyone had a good time.   
Mom enjoyed the game from the sidelines knitting.
Karsten entertained us with some songs.
The happy couple....
one front tooth gone
and look at that, the other one is gone,too!! Her 's' sound pretty cute!


Rendi said...

These pics are great! I will have to steal the one of the boys and kman playing piano!