Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Shaka, brah means "hang loose" in Hawaii and I think best captures what I really experienced.  It was all about relaxing, and having no worries-that is what Sean, Mom and I kept saying if we got a little worried about something.  What a beautiful place to be this time of year.  The water was clear turquoise and so warm, the sand soft and white.  It was torture only getting to stay for 6 days, but I missed my family so much. I had a wonderful time relaxing and enjoying time with my family there.  We went snorkeling and I got to see some awesome fish and a sea turtle, that was pretty exciting.  The wedding was beautiful and Robb and Trina looked so happy. As usual I didn't get many pictures with  myself in them, oh well.  I brought back a nice sunburn to remind me of my time back to real life...and snow here in Idaho.


Krystal said...

Jealous. :)

Rendi said...

You got some good pics...we will have to share!