Monday, February 28, 2011

And this is where I lament on and on about Taylor getting so big and mature and me getting older and not believing my baby is getting so grown-up...anyway, enough of that.

It must be a sign your son is getting older when he requests for his birthday, instead of a cake, an edible arrangement which is fruit cut into shapes in a bouquet.  Or maybe the telescope to learn about the sky.  Well, we actually did fondue and it was a big hit-fresh fruit, pound cake and marshmallows dipped in some yummy chocolate.

Rendi even arranged it all nicely to fit in some candles. Turns out most of us don't really like cake on our birthday.  I like cheesecake, not be mixed in with common cakes, Mike likes fruit cobblers and Taylor likes fruit.  Hannah might be the only cake lover in the house. 
The adults could hardly squeeze in to get some fondue.

We did get Taylor a telescope and also a ripstick.  For those of you not familiar with toys for pre-teen boys-it's like a skateboard with two castor wheels. It's flexible in the middle so to move it you move your feet back and forth.  He has been asking for one for awhile but I wanted to make sure he REALLY wanted it.  It was a hit, he has been riding it all weekend.  I made him get protective gear. He also got a really cool talking book about the solar system and some stylin' clothes.  He is really into the plaid thing right now.

Last week, as part of an assignment for class, he had to study the immune system and make a report and diagram and also a spleen model out of salt clay.  Oh the fun of science!  He really loves studying this stuff.  He could rattle off every part of the immune system.  I just wish I could get that enthusiasm for say his handwriting skills, oyyy.  He is such a great kid.