Monday, April 25, 2011

Hannah has inherited from her list-making parents: the importance of daily lists.  Today I got up to make the kids breakfast and Hannah had her "to-do list for the day" sitting there.  She was going on a much anticipated field trip, so I guess she didn't want to forget anything?

A Day in the life of an 8-year old

Hannah's To Do List:

  1. Wake-up
  2. Brush hair
  3. Eat Breakfast
  4. get shoes on
  5. get hudy (hoodie) on
  6. get backpack
  7. ride to school
  8. lock bike
  9. go to line
  10. go in classroom
  11. eat breakfast
  12. go on field trip
  13. look at things
  14. eat lunch
  15. look more
  16. go home
  17. watch TV
  18. do homework
  19. listen to music
  20. eat dinner
  21. eat disert (dessert)
  22. listen to music!
  23. brush teeth
  24. take shower
  25. get close (clothes)
  26. sleep