Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hannah got three teeth pulled last week. I made Mike take her so my dentist "anxiety" didn't rub off on her. She is deathly afraid of needles so I told Mike to have fun! I figured I had to endure all baby shots and kindergarten shots on both kids, so it could be his turn and he did it with a smile.  Hannah did great (I was really worried we would have to go the anesthesia route), I love her dentist.  Two of her teeth were huge, they looked like shark teeth.  She needed ibuphrophen for a couple days but the worst part was when she was numb, she chewed up a quarter-sized circle on her lower lip/cheek. Poor girl.  She will get a spacer appliance put on the lower teeth, then three more pulled on top and another spacer. It could be a long summer.  We haven't told her about more being pulled on the top in a couple months.  Maybe they will just get loose on their own. We can only hope.

Hannah got up early today because I accidentally told her last night at bedtime she had to clean her room.  If we tell her the night before she gets up at some absurd time and cleans her room to have it done.  I guess I should be loving her motivation. She thought it was a good time to write me a little note.  So she's had this bear with it's arm torn partly off and she's been bugging me to sew it.  Cook up a mean batch of cookies, make a great art project I can help my kids do but sewing- not so much.  So I used the excuse that I had lost my sewing kit which was partly true....I didn't look for it too hard.  Aren't I a nice Mom?  So Hannah found the sewing kit the other day and was so excited (I wasn't sharing that enthusiasm).  She wrote me a note today and placed it on my desk with the bear.  How could I not sew it up now?  Don't look too close at my poor stitches.
It says..Dear Mom, Please fix my teddy bear's arm with your sowing stuff it is in the cubburd besid the dish washer in the back. Love Hannah
See how the left arm looks a little weird-that would be the one I "sewed".

The other night Taylor and I were laying on my bed having the nicest conversation.  I can't believe how much my boy is growing up.  He is like a little encyclopedia-he loves information and facts.  He gets library books from the adult section about wildlife, history, etc.  So he was explaining to me how he has enjoyed reading about the difference between the ancient Chinese civilization and Mayans and citing facts and his opinions.  Then we turned to some current events. I get the paper everyday and he likes reading it.  I love that.  Then we turned to spiritual matters, new movies out.  It was so nice to talk to him.  The words he chooses are so adult like.  We were talking about the big Royal wedding and how sick of it we were to read and hear about it, and he says "Mom, I'm bewildered by the fact people are just so excited about it.  It's just a marriage."  Bewildered.  Oh he is so great, this boy of mine.