Friday, April 22, 2011

NO I'm not Oprah and I can't give away thousands of free products, BUT I can list right now, this minute, a few of my favorite things:

  • My iPhone-why did it take me this long to get one?
  • Instagram photo app for the iPhone-haven't figured out yet how to get the pics onto my computer but when I do I will share them! That's a sample on the those filters!

  • People that are doing something about our nation's childhood OBESITY-thank you to Jamie Oliver and organizations like this one-we will be subscribing
  • It's Good Friday today and the song Hero by Abandon just about sums up everything
  • skinny vanilla lattes that have half the syrup, therefore allowing me to drink more of them with less calories
  • THE SUN IS OUT and the birds are singing-ahhhh
  • My May magazine is almost completely done and meeting a deadline is definitely a favorite thing!
  • Baja style grilled fish tacos from Chronicle tacos-the lime, the cilantro, YUM!
  • Google business app services for my e-mail-may I NEVER lose another e-mail again!!
  • Getting my e-mail on my iPhone-how handy is that?
I am just so appreciative today.  I think it's the sun or all the lattes I've been drinking.  That or I'm delirious from all the Cadbury eggs I have been eating...