Sunday, August 7, 2011

You know things like jobs and mundane tasks (grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, laundry) are really getting in the way of our summer around here!  Working around those things we have been to the park, enjoying more hot dogs than I would like to say, lots of swimming, camping at Red Fish and we just got back from 9! days in Nevada where we always have fun.  The kids went to the pool everyday from 1-4, we miniature golfed, ate lots, swam, went to Lake Tahoe, went bowling, I enjoyed some yummy Inn-N-Out burger, school shopping and visiting with relatives.  The kids are loving it.

To make it even more fabulous, my wonderful in-laws wanted to have the kids for a whole week!!  They fly home on Saturday and Mike and I are enjoying what feels like the DBK (days before kids).....we got home last night, woke up and said, "lets go to breakfast", then we did some errands, then we said, "lets take a nap and then watch a movie" and we did.  Nobody to check in on, we are enjoying popcorn for dinner and I could really get used to this!!  But then my sweet babies call me and I miss them like crazy.  I miss their silly laughs, their obnoxious fighting and giving them hugs and kisses.

We have one last weekend before school starts when they come home and we are going to our favorite town of McCall for a couple nights to enjoy the lake and canoeing and more swimming.  Then our life leaves the wonderful rythym of summer, and we are back to schedules, planning, homework and another phase.

But in the meantime...pass me some more ice cream!!

Here is a big spew of photos to catch up!!
First up-Camping at Red Fish Lake!  We love this place.  I have Mike agreeing to 5 nights next summer!!

Who got a sunburn on their red face??  ME!!

Getting ready for a fire.

How cute is he?  Camp site bathing.

Still cute!! Getting tickled by his big brother!

All four kids had lots of fun with Karsten's sand toys.

I love this guy, and his big hat.

Beautiful Red Fish Lake


Rendi actually sitting!! And reading!!


Our lunch time visitor

The kids with Grandma and Grandpa's pony and goat

We love lake tahoe!  It was freezing as usual

Taylor getting a tractor lesson from Grandpa

Here are some pictures Hannah took a couple weeks ago.  She LOVES the camera.

I guess this would be her favorite doll collection.

I'm excited to leave this desk and get on vacation!!

Silly kids