Saturday, August 13, 2011

The kids were gone one week!  We got home last Friday and they fly in today (Saturday).  As we drove away from them, I felt a little anxious.  They are with me all the time, my little flock.  I complain, I yell, I run out of patience often, but I love those sweetie pies, and I am used to herding them.  So after a long drive and getting home and unpacking and doing all that boring stuff you have to do after leaving for a week, we settled in.

And it was nice. 

Do I need to cook dinner? Nope.

Do I need to be home at any certain time?  Nope.

Is there a schedule to my day?  Well, kind of. I still had work to do and last minute clients calling. But I could leave the house for long periods of time without worrying about leaving the kids alone or when I would have to return.

I watched re-runs of the Housewives.  I ate almost an entire box of lucky charms to myself, without sharing. I did not work out.  I had espresso for lunch.  I read an entire book. I got a pedicure and bought some really expensive facial cream (I never do that).  I saw The Help (great movie) with my mom and sister.

I liked driving that thing!

Mike and I really enjoyed having time with each other.  We went golfing (that was fun!) and afterwards went to a place and had wings.  They had a great deal that night so there was lots of college kids and the place was busy.  I smiled and said, "It's a weeknight and we are out after 9:30!"  We had Mexican one night and shared a margherita,(I haven't had one of those in about 4 years),we went to dinner and a movie on a Friday night.  We shopped at the mall and browsed. We relaxed and got a little glimmer of what life would be after the kids leave home.  And I did not get panicked.