Monday, September 5, 2011

My 6th grader, and third grader
 My babes started school, I finished a work project and so I had a whole week (!) to catch up on things around the house. I was very productive and got my windows washed, insect/yard guy to spray, the carpets cleaned (I actually hired somebody to do that), house cleaned, clothing organized and enjoyed the bounty of harvest this area has to enjoy during August and September.

I got 4 dozen ears of corn and blanched it for freezing, I bought 2 flats of strawberries and made jam and froze lots for soothies, I got a whole bag of peaches that I made a peach pie with and made peach jam.  Woohoo! I tried a new recipe on the strawberry jam that used something other than pectin to thicken so I didn't have to use so much white sugar to sweeten, so I tried honey.  It is good, and you can taste the fruit instead of just sugar.   I am looking forward to apple crops a little later coming in season so I can make applesauce and apple butter.  The weather is still warm though and it doesn't feel anything like fall so until I start burrowing in for the fall and winter, I'll make the most of the sunshine! Here are some orderly and random shots from my phone and camera.
The first day of school cupcakes...those are supposed to be blackboards, chalk and apples!

Love idaho sweet corn

Yummy corn for the freezer

I was losing my knack for making pies, so I had to practice.

Phew! It was delicious, my pie making skills have made a comeback. That crust would be all butter. No shortening around here. Paula Dean would be proud!

15 jars of honey strawberry jam and 5 peach ones (not pictured)

family pic taken at my Mother-in-law's house

I will enjoy these during the winter in smoothies.

 A new clock for my office-just thought you'd like to see it

A new photo for my office-I said there would be random pics...isn't that bird pretty?
Hannah wanted all her hair cut and "side bangs". She specifically wanted bangs that swept to the side.  Where does she get this??