Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I read an article the other day about rising food costs and it had some families in there that were talking about how they shop and how much they spend, and how higher food prices have affected their family budgets.
Now before I go on, I'm really not a professional shopper, or couponer...just a regular mom that shops for a family of four BUT I use some strategies that has really saved me money.

Anyway, the Mom, who has three kids and a husband complains that she used to spend $100 a week and now because of food costs she has to spend $150 a week.  She said that her kids ate 8 boxes of cereal a week and it was hard to keep up because of how much they eat.
I'm thinking to myself, cereal is one of the most expensive things to buy right now.  Only if I can get it for a little over a dollar a box do we buy it.  So we eat pancakes, oatmeal, toast, fruit, yogurt, smoothies.....etc. instead for breakfast.  There's your extra $50 a week lady!! You're spending it on cereal!!! Make some muffins the night before and serve them with fruit and milk.  I admit I live in an area where food costs aren't as high as national prices but if you are trying to reduce grocery costs, you can't just do into the grocery store and shop to buy whatever you want.  
I'll stop now.
I'm just sick of hearing people complain about all they don't have, what they lack, rising costs, down economy.
Go look at your healthy kids, stand in your home, look in your cupboard and feel thankful for all you do have!  And if you don't have any of those, call a friend-they can help you see the goodness around you.