Thursday, January 5, 2012

Lots of photos to share.  What a great time we all had.  My whole family was here.  It was noisy, chaotic and so much fun.  We ate LOTS of incredibly fat-laden goodies & meals, played games, even snuck in a Christmas day football game, and just had a chance to catch up.  Mike spoiled me like always.  We set a limit and only do each other's stockings and EVERY year my stocking is full AND presents are under the tree.  Sometimes the dogs manage to go out and do some shopping for me as the gift tag says,  but I know who's behind it.  It was lots of fun to watch all the littles: Ariyanna, Karsten, Lizzie and Kiera (all 2 years old by the way).  They had to get used to one another and then were hugging and kissing on each other by the end of the visit.  Time always go by MUCH too fast!  The kids loved all their presents, even the weird ones requested...Fijit Friend?  Really?  Lalaloopsie doll?  Oy.

Our fun was cut a little short by a nasty little virus my dear brother brought with him.  It was the gift that kept giving until we were all puked out! It literally hit EVERY family member!  Good thing it only lasted two days.

So here are some unorganized photos off my phone.  The rest are on my camera and I just haven't had ONE minute to get them off.  That will be for the next post when I get to it.

Just a sampling of what I made for Christmas goodies.  Peppermint bark, chocolate covered pretzels, roasted almond toffee, christmas cookies...oy-too much!

The kids at the annual winter lights parade in our town

Us at the parade-sooo cold

The kids getting candy

Mom's birthday

Grandma and Karsten blowing out the candles on the cake

One of my favorite activities: Christmas cookies!! Hannah is a pro!

Hannah with Karsten and Kiera-my niece and nephew.  She had fun pushing them on their cars, playing with them AND giving them baths.  She was like a little babysitter and they listened to her!

Guitar Hero

Hannah watching Kiera for me while I cooked

Hannah entertaining Kiera

Football game Christmas Day

Hannah's rockin outfit from Grandma Linda-a fur vest, neon green shirt and super cute skirt

Those cousins love each other!