Monday, January 23, 2012

What a slacker I am.  I have had no motivation.  I call it post-holiday slump and cabin fever mixed together to make me one lazy mama. 

Anyway, here are some really recent pictures...NOT!  It's Christmas, New Years & Hannah's birthday.  Now I can say I'm all caught up.  Lets start with Hannah's 9th birthday!

She picked spaghetti and meatballs for her b-day dinner.

Birthday crown made by birthday girl herself.  That bottle of wine in the picture really adds to the ambience, don't you think?

She looks to be in deep concentration.

Beautiful sunset

What Hannah looks like when opening up an iPod touch on her birthday.  What did we do?

 Now onto Christmas and New Years!

My three brothers on Christmas Day.

Brittany and Arianna opening presents

Just Dance was a big hit!

Geordie and Lizzie on Christmas morning-it was a mad house!

Santa brought this monkey a sock monkey!

My sweet niece Elizabeth

Taylor was so excited to get whatever he was star wars i think.

Uncle Sean reading A Night Before Christmas to Hannah, we are really going to miss him!

Hannah and Ginger Christmas Day.  Note the sunshine and lack of snow.  Grrr.

More present opening!
Happy New Year!  Like their hats?

We tried three times with two cameras on timers and this is the BEST we could manage. 

The pink elephant gift exchange. Mike liked his gift because it included CASH!

Rendi is hoping someone trades for the pooping santa.

Sean picked...some lovely lotion and shower gel in a Victoria's secret box and he couldn't get rid of it!

My silly brother and sister and a helpful kid with rabbit ears!