Wednesday, August 27, 2008

(This dragonfly was awesome, it was orange and its wing tips blended into a beautiful blue.)

We enjoyed our second annual trip to Idaho Botanical Garden on Saturday to enjoy all kinds of "bug fun". They are great clients of mine and I do the postcard and map that go with Bug Day.

Taylor has NO fear about touching all kinds of bigs, no matter how big they are.

Hannah got to go this year and while she wasn't too interested in the bug-a-mania, she did like all the crafts. She got to make a really cute butterfly out of coffee filters that she watercolored and then put in a wooden clothes pin. Then she did a pasta project that showed the life cycle of a butterfly.

They both really liked the "bug juice" they offered (really sweet blue punch).

We didn't get to stay very long but we had a great time and the gardens were beautiful.


Rendi said...

I'm sorry we missed it! I still need to get to the gardens someday!