Wednesday, August 27, 2008

We have had a nice summer, but now back to school!! YEAH!!
Taylor is starting third grade and has Mr. Levy for his teacher. Because of overcrowding, instead of going to Hubbard Elementary that is K-3, he goes right next door about 200 ft. away at Teed Elementary that is normally 4-5 grades, but this year gets 2 third grade classes. It will be a nice change for him to have a male teacher and he was really excited to start (although the photos don't really capture that happiness).

Hannah started kindergarten and has Mrs. Saunders for her teacher. She was pretty excited to get to go to school like big brother-a little nervous in the beginning- and even more excited to ride the bus home. We are officially in a "walk zone", but morning kindergarteners get bussed home. So I now get from 8:00-11:30 a little time to get some work done, do errands, etc.


Rendi said...

The kids look cute and excited! The best part of it is your time in the morning. Just think, next year you get all day!