Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Hannah just loves to "do" my hair. I would love it if she loved me to do her hair but these things don't work out like that in our house. So today Hannah gave me pony tails and was so excited we had to get photos. She wanted to "do my make-up" but that only happens when I don't have to leave the house for any reason!

So I tried to use my negotiating skills to try something out new on her hair but all I got to do was more ponytails:

And fifteen minutes later when she got mad at me for something, she ripped them out. Good thing I got one photo.
When she was still happy she even thought that maybe Ginger, our very patient dog, would appreciate getting accessorized with a headband (she even does this to the cat).

Why is my daughter so stubborn about her hair? I am NOT looking forward to when school starts and I have to endure daily drama to get it done (and no I am not cutting it off, that does not resolve anything, she still has to have barrettes or something to keep it out of her face).


Rendi said...

Sean is the main advocate of cutting it all off and since he is in Japan, we don't have to hear daily comments! Just rip her hair out and hit her with the brush when you complain like mom did! Just think of how much you enjoyed it. You have good memories of that...