Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My fabulous friend gave the family a tie-dyed T-shirt kit TWO years ago as a gift at Christmas. It was about time I used it, so yesterday the kids were very excited to make them. This month's Parent's Magazine just happened to have an awesome article all about tie-dying and how to make different patterns and so we all picked out our patterns and the kids picked out colors. Then we rubber banded around, rubber gloved up and dyed away. With only fushia, turquoise and yellow you can get every color in the rainbow.
It was so much fun, like every project we do I enjoy it as much as they do! Here is our results! We wore our shirts today and we all love them.

So here is each shirt and the pattern used. We've decided Taylor's "Bullseye" is the best.

Hannah's was the "rosette" and if she had done one color you could see the circles better, but Hannah could not do just one color, she had to do them all and some more!

I picked the "spiral" pattern and was only going to do one color-pink- but when you are at a table with two other children doing their shirts, it's hard not to get their colors on yours, so here is my attempt.

Mike was at work, so I got to do his shirt for him, he picked out the colors and pattern-this one is called the "diagonal stripe". I love the blue fading to green! I think his is a close second to Taylor's for how it turned out.

That was so fun I want to DYE some more stuff!