Thursday, August 6, 2009

Last Friday we headed for McCall for an overnight trip. It was short, fun and we packed a weekend of activities in our 2 days. I love the little mountain town of McCall. When I was younger, I would visit my grandparents that lived in Boise and we usually took a camping trip and a trip to see my aunt and uncle who lived in McCall. There was always fun on the beautiful lake there, boat rides and attempts at water skiing and lots of exploring. So I have a special place in my heart for that town and now that I am back in Idaho we try and go once a summer with the kids, who love it as much as I do. Growing up around mountains-you just appreciate them!

This trip we camped one night in a nice, family- friendly campground that had flushing toilets AND hot showers-my kind of place! We rented canoes and meandered up a calm little inlet of the lake-it was so beautiful with lots of wildlife.

Then we went to the beach and the kids had some fun swim time.
We enjoyed a campfire and smores-that is a must do! We enjoyed a freezing morning and another campfire, and caught a run away dog-he found the right family!

Since we only went overnight, we only packed a lunch and ate out for most meals-again-my kind of camping!! Not packing all the food items saves lots of time. After a yummy breakfast, we head to Ponderosa State park and hiked and drove up to a beautiful scenic spot. We had some lunch and enjoyed the beach for longer, then it was time to go home.

We all really enjoyed ourselves, and even though it wasn't too long, it was just what we needed-a change of scenery, some time together and the beautiful mountains!!