Monday, October 26, 2009

Let's see,
what HAVE we been up to??

Besides cramming a 50 hour week into 4 days (my brain is now dead after a 68 page magazine & 16 ads), I did a little pumpkin baking. "They" say there will be a canned pumpkin shortage this fall so I'm cooking and freezing pie pumpkins, which is really easy to do. I even wrote an article in the magazine about it and used my own pics. I made a pumpkin cobbler yesterday. Yum.

I got my hair cut. After being in that in-between stage with grown out bangs for 2 months, I decided to chop it off..I couldn't believe how much hair was on the floor. I love the cut, but more exciting..i have FINALLY found someone I trust my hair with. Thanks to Heather for referral.

It must be getting cold-these sillies are looking for a warm place! Ginger didn't really like her place on the bottom for long.

We said goodbye to my brother Rob, and his girlfriend Trina and their new baby Kiera. They surprised us with a visit from Alaska 3 weeks ago. It was fun getting to know this little red head.
Kiera skyping uncle sean

So that about rounds up our last 2 weeks. We carved pumpkins on Saturday and the kids raked leaves yesterday. Fall has definitely arrived.


Rendi said...

Good pic of you and I like the haircut!