Thursday, October 8, 2009


We left last Wednesday to attend Mitch (Mike's brother) and Cora's wedding on Saturday. The kids were SOOO excited to see their cousins and grandma and grandpa, so we left after Mike got home from work on Wednesday. The drive is long and not too scenic, and we are so thankful for a portable DVD player and iPods.

We had fun at the rehearsal and dinner-thanks Laura for watching the kids!

The wedding was in Virginia city-an old, historic mining town that had it's "boom" back in the 1860's. They mined lots of gold and silver. The wedding venue was Piper's Opera House, a building that had burnt down twice and re-built. The stage has hosted Mark Twain and President Grant to name a few.

The inside was very pretty, didn't get many good shots because it was so dark! Thanks Sheila for giving me copies of your photos-my camera didn't do well in the dark! I wished they would have turned on some lights after the ceremony! Randy played beautifully on the piano before the bride entered.

The bride and groom looked so happy...who doesn't like weddings? It was decorated beautifully, we had BBQ to eat and while pictures were being taken, the guests were sent out on a scavenger hunt around the town (what a great idea!).

Cora tricked Mitch when he was going to get the garter off her leg blindfolded, and had her brother sit down instead-Mitch was a little surprised at the hairy legs!

Taylor had stayed up the night before at Aunt Laura's until 3 am so slept for part of the reception.

Mike was a dancing maniac, there was great music and we all had a great time. What's a wedding without the macharena and the robot? Good job Jacob!

Don't all the kids look so cute? Everyone looked great all dressed up! Mike looked awesome in his tux.
We enjoyed getting to see all of Mike's family and spend some time with them.

We took a family day on Monday and explored Virginia City and Reno and went to the lookout spot-about 7,000 feet elevation.

The drive back was even longer and I think we got sick of each other but passed some time playing numerous rounds of 20 questions, and the color car game....but still..

Now it is back to the real world! I feel as lost as I look in this picture!