Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I need some other opinions on this matter so I thought I'd write a post about it.
I have been very fortunate in my children's public education foundation to have great teachers, involved PTA's and overall a good experience. They are both smart and are above their grade level in most areas and I attribute that to teachers that are doing their job well.
I love both their teachers this year, they are young and very enthusiastic and have lots of attention for their students.

Lately though, Hannah has been bringing home mountains of homework. She is in the first grade....does anybody out there remember homework at 6 years old?
I have always thought it important to be involved in what they are learning and practice it at home, especially reading. But I am wondering if it is a bit excessive when she has to spend an hour every night and then do her reading.

This week, here is a list of her week's worth of homework due on Friday:

  • 12 pages front and back of a math packet given last week (so they had longer to do it)
  • A list of 300 sight words to practice daily
  • 4 sheets of short stories to read out loud
  • A spelling worksheet front and back to practice writing the words and sentances to prepare her for her test every Friday
  • A "Book Buddy" packet of two books for her to read, plus 4 double sided worksheets on phonics

Does that seem like a lot? I know all teachers are different and Taylor never got that much homework in first grade. He is in the 4th grade and brings home one worksheet that reviews math, spelling words and reading-takes him 25 minutes. I think the book buddy and spelling should be enough, but what is happening is all that math is taking away from reading. First grade is a crucial point for reading, I believe. Not just to learn how to do it but to actually develop an interest and liking for it.

So I wonder if I am just being a little critical. Hannah is really frustrated and it's hard to keep her attention, especially the math sheets they are working on. They confuse me-they are learning story problems and breaking it down with counters, but it is worded really strange. Mike and her worked on ONE PROBLEM for 10 minutes (that's an eternity for a first grader).

Do I suck it up and expect more out of Hannah, or do I write the teacher an e-mail and voice my concerns over homework?

To be honest, i don't want to spend an hour a night to do homework. I would rather engage in other activities with my kids than doing homework for that long, when she isn't getting it.

So come on people, I know you are out there reading-leave me a comment!!

one from the archives of Hannah in pre-school


Rendi said...

I really can't remember back to the first grade, but I say if it bothers you then you should talk to the teacher.