Tuesday, March 23, 2010

YEAH!! Dancing with the Stars is back and wow, did everyone suck or what? Pamela Anderson and Buzz need to go away. What is with the token old person every season? They get voted off first, can't dance and are really hard to watch. Not doubting their life accomplishments but really?

I am in desperate need of updating/overhauling my website. I found a couple companies that look good. I just hate giving out my website address when I haven't updated it for 4 years now. So now I have to figure out how I want it to look and that alone could take weeks.

I got a call from Hannah's principal and teacher in the last 3 days. Repeat offender. Now I just have to get to the real reason she is "acting" out. I tell ya, this parent thing is tough sometimes. Spring Break is next week and I am looking forward to time with the kids, just us and them and lots of fun. I think we all need to re-connect. They each get to pick one activity. Taylor's is ice-skating, I think that might take two adults.

Mike and I are pondering a trip to San Diego with the kids OR new hardwood floors. Tough decision. My frugal ways say blowing that much money in one week on a vacation is wasteful. Plus the driving. Oh the endless hours of driving. Don't know if I have that much stamina.

Signs of spring are popping up everywhere and we broke out the BBQ on Sunday for some hamburgers. I won't eat ground beef at fast food or restaurants anymore. Not after watching Food Inc. So I have to make them at home if I want them.

Taylor's class has a reading incentive: a free ticket to the waterpark if he reads 600 minutes. He has until April 9th and he's already at 900. Mike and I are throwing in an extra prize if he makes it to 1,000. He is loving the Warriors series right now. He reads at night and if we don't pay attention, he'll stay up until 11 reading in bed. Reminds me of me when I was young.

Now I can say I updated this blog.

PS. Albertsons had a huge cereal sale and we now have 50 boxes of it in our pantry. Like a little squirrel, I am. It is our favorite kind.


Rendi said...

DWTS...the jury is still out, but I think I am close to declaring Lysacek the one to beat. Let's talk about that more next week after the second dance...