Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Party time-we always decorate a little for parties-the kids enjoy it

What? I have a ten year old?? I can't believe my baby boy is just a few short years away from becoming a teenager and getting ready to flock the nest. Okay, I'm getting too carried away but still!!

We had a small family party for him this year (we try and alternate from friend and family parties so I don't go crazy). He really wanted a 799 piece Lego set and he sat and built that thing for the next day and a half. I can't believe how well he builds things.

We had pizza, a chocolate cake with white frosting and strawberry filling (all his choice) and he got another Lego set from his cousins and LOTS of cash from grandparents. I scored a sweet deal on Heelies (those shoes with wheels in them) and he has been practicing those.
The boys were great at helping him assemble.

We also decided to get him a desk. It wasn't really a birthday present, he just needed one to do his homework on and have some space to work in his room. Him and Mike got it all put together by the end of the day.
There's my big 10-year old with his new desk. That night he organized his room and had the desk filled up with his stuff. He is really careful about his things and how his room is. It cracks me up.