Wednesday, March 3, 2010

We are ready to cook!
(My husband always takes blurry pictures)

My sister and I were completely out of all of our freezer food from the fall and kept meaning to have another cooking day, but life has been a little hectic for both of us. We finally came together on Saturday and stocked our freezer. Each time we learn a little more and this time I even put together a menu and shopping list to keep on my computer, thinking if we do about 4 rounds of menus and shopping lists, we can rotate and then we don't have to figure out the food (that takes a while and accuracy isn't 100%). Since our Mom has taught us "army cooking" as we call it, we did end up with 6 pounds of spaghetti sauce and 12 pounds of shredded beef--um seriously? So we took notes of CORRECT quantities next time we shop.

Counter of food
This wasn't everything, I still had stuff already in my freezer!

So 5 hours of cooking we each got:
  • 4 pans lasagna
  • 2 batches of chicken pot pie filling
  • 2 stromboli's (like big calzones)
  • 6 huge chicken cordon bleu (ready to bake)
  • 3 pans shredded beef enchiladas (+ extra meat to make more)
  • 10 lunch bag burritos
  • 50 meatballs (good for about 2 dinners or more)
+dinner that night of spaghetti and really good cheesy bread with left over pizza dough for our families

Usually I use about 3 dishes a week and fill in with the rest (sandwich night, go out to eat night, and Sunday dinner with the family)-so this will last a month and when I am stuck in front of the computer on a deadline for 10 hours, our family can have real food. I think it is totally worth our time. I do want to find some easier dishes to make. The burritos and lasagna seem to be staples.

A new recipe called stromboli, I think it took too much work and was hard to handle.