Monday, December 6, 2010

Before I start talking about lying...let me tell you what we did this weekend, I really enjoyed it.

First, I took the kids to our first live Nativity Scene put on by a church a little ways away.  I really can't stand the commerical-ness of Christmas and am trying to slowly wean away from all it's trappings so I can focus on what Christmas is really about, and share that with my kids.  So the church had tents set up outside to resemble what life was like in Bethleham the night after Jesus was born.  There was a large camel at the city "gate", we had to pay our "taxes", and then we got to eat hummus, see thread spinning and baskets.  Everyone was in costume and character, the funniest guy was the InnKeeper getting very irritated at us all since he had NO ROOM.  He sent us on to the shepards who re-counted what had happened the night before, complete with real animals.  The kids loved it and asked to go back the next night.  We also go to go to enjoy a concert of Christmas songs, and some crafting.  The next day we put up the tree and decorations (of which I am losing much intiative to do), went to a night light parade in our little town that evening and then watched "The Santa Claus".  Good times with the fam.

Okay what was I talking about?  Right. Lying. Really, I am the worst liar ever.  And that is not a bad thing.  So when my kids start asking certain QUESTIONS about certain holiday events around CHRISTMAS...I swear to tell the whole truth and only the truth.  GET THE KIDS OUT OF HERE if you want to continue reading.

Flashback to April....and the Easter Bunny.

Hannah asks if it's just me and Dad that stuff her stocking full of goodies, instead of Santa.  I am just not going to lie and neither is Mike, so since I had to deal with the Easter Bunny, I sent him in to answer her questions.  Now she didn't ask about Santa, just the stockings.  Mike said, yes, we fill them and we enjoy doing it.  She didn't ask anymore questions and was okay with it.  Now Taylor is riding the Santa sleigh a little long, he will be 11 in February.  So Santa is sweetly writing him a letter this year in his Stocking that says, nicely, he has to save the gifts for the younger ones.  I know some people probably think I am a little overboard, and frankly I don't care.  This parenting thing is an individual gig and everyone is up to do their own thing based on their beliefs and values.
I just want to keep it a little real.


Krystal said...

You are so funny! And, you are so right. It is up to you guys what you choose to do and also what you choose to tell your kids. I'm at the other end of this right now and have been mind-blogging about it. I am trying to figure out what sort of traditions I want to start and what I want to tell the kids because I realize that they will start remembering now.

That live nativity sounds pretty awesome, too!