Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Things were really great, and then I got to go to Hawaii for a week ( I know not really a problem) and since then...wellllll.  It's been hard to focus and be motivated.  I have been working hard with exercising and healthier eating since January and am down a whole dress size-I feel really good about that (my pants are really baggy!).  While my eating has a lot of room for improvement, I have been hitting the exercise HARD.  And it's finally paying off.  Inches are going down and I am starting to see muscles.  It feels great, but I have a whole other size to be down to reach my goal.  I have been trying to exercise at least 5-6 days a week, and I'm doing it.  The problem is that pesky food.  I wish I could lose my appetite.  When I'm working out a lot I'm hungry, and I just love those desserts...and fattening foods like doughnuts and chicken nuggets.  So I have to snap out of it and eat those fruits and veggies and drink water, and find my groove again.   I would just like to be at the maintainence stage, which will be easy once I get rid of all my big sized clothing.  Nothing motivates you like not having any clothes to fit into if you gain weight :-)

On the work front, I have had a ton of new clients. This week I have two logos, two brochures, a technical manual and some dishware mock-ups to complete.  There's that motivation problem..I feel overwhelmed and need to crunch some work out but I am a little in the mood to go eat a doughnut and browse Facebook.
  I am getting lots of contacts from the magazine I work with and...big news.  The magazine I have a contract for is licensing  another city and I am taking that on every month.  So, two 68- page magazines in two weeks every month, plus all these new clients.  I am going to have to find someone to sub contract work out to and that is a whole new ball game.  All these wonderful companies I work with have only used me and I have to go find someone to basically do my work.  Yikes.  This is a new thing for me.  But it's also really exciting.  It will be a big change to be increasing my work hours, there are going to be things I can't do anymore (dropping the kids off at school and going back to bed...shhh don't tell anyone I actually do that sometimes!), and things I'll have to rely on my family for help (the kids are going to be excellent house cleaners).

Well, there we go.  I've whined a lot. I think I better go do some P90x-Tony might be able to snap me out of it.


Rendi said...

I think your motivation is located in the same place as mine...when you find yours, send mine back here too!