Sunday, May 1, 2011

...well as the phrase goes, i had to make some "lemonade" this past week.  My e-mail computer program completely freaked out, crashed and took 6 weeks of e-mail I could NOT get back with it.  My e-mail program I was using was Outlook-this is the first time they've made it for Macs in the new Office Suite that I bought last month.  I liked the interface and thought I would give it a try.  Until it crashed and wouldn't give me back my files.  E-mail is pretty important to my business.  It's how I keep track of clients, how I send them proofs, how they send me changes, how I manage my business.  I tried not to freak out when it crashed. I worked for two days trying to get everything back.  Didn't have copies on the server because I had POP e-mail, and should have an IMAP account.  Should, should, should.  I know now LOTS about e-mail and how each program uses different files.

To make a long story short, I have learned a lot from this experience.  I bought Google business apps to host all my mail instead of keeping it on my domain host's site...which means they keep copies of everything I send, every folder, every e-mail and I can access it from anywhere at anytime.  Converting it took a week and in between I had to use three different e-mail programs to get everything transferred right.  I even thought I would hire someone to come to my house and do it since I was overwhelmed.  I spent $120 on nothing-he knew nothing and didn't get done what I needed! Frustrating yes.  In the end, I learned that these things happen and you just have to dig in and figure it out.  I don't have an IT department, but my sweet hubby did help a lot.

I just sweated it out and now have everything fixed and my e-mail files on my iphone, on my computer, accessible from a web browser.   Still lost those 6 weeks of e-mail but it is a lesson learned.