Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Oh, how I love this time of year!  The food, the colors, the trees, the pumpkins, the hot drinks. I just tried a soy chai with a shot of pumpkin spice and I'm in love.  I have to say at Starbucks, they are just so happy to let you try whatever you like, and if you don't like it, they'll make you a new drink. 

 Anyways, I could talk about coffee for awhile but-here are some fabulous finds over the web.  Of course you can also just go to my Pinterest to see more.  I have a board just for fall.  

Fall Tablescapes-so pretty!

The kids and I did this project last year.  You can enjoy all the colors of fall throughout the winter.

Print these and then frame them for some cute and easy art!

What a great idea!! Homemade coffee creamers without all the crappy ingredients.

One of the best uses of pumpkin for baking: Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls.  I can't be around these things too long or I will eat many of them.

And being released this fall.....
the Iphone 5!  It might have to be my Christmas present!

Get out the crockpots!!

The cutest fall decoration I've seen