Friday, September 21, 2012

My name is Kristi Case and I approve of this message.

Haha.  No seriously, I am so SICK of hearing about the upcoming presidential election, and it's not even October yet.  We still have to endure annoying debates, last minute efforts and LOTS and LOTS of commericals. And bumper stickers.  And news coverage.  And photos.  And lying, backstabbing, cheating and fighting.

Where has our country gone to?  How about we take the billions spent on the campaigns and donate it to a good cause or put in the USA bank account?  It's so disgusting.

All anybody wants to do is point out the other side's mistakes and complain.  They both do it.  I'm not saying which political party I'm leaning towards because honestly, there is lots of problems with both candidates.

When did the people of this nation put everything on a president?  Yes, he is the leader of our country and makes lots of important decisions that affect us.  But he is only part of the big picture. What if we worked together to make things work?  Be a part of our community, help our neighbor?  Changing the atmosphere of the US starts in our own back yard.  Not with the president.  He is just the face. Instead of calling each other out for our opinions, why not work towards a solution?

Critical, critical, critical.
While both parties rant about what the other party isn't doing or how they've messed up, aren't we missing out on what does need to be done?  When did being nasty become accepted?  Both Republicans and Democrats are guilty.  Radio stations, talk shows and publications that focus on just complaining about the political party they don't like is so disappointing.  

It takes a lot to change something and the President can't do it on his own, no matter who he is.  I will be voting in November but I'm not really excited about who I'm voting for.

I'm not voting based on:

  • Race
  • Sex
  • Political Party or
  • Gender

But I DO know I will be watching Saturday Night Live's version of this election because it is hilarious to see how well they make fun of these guys. Really funny.