Saturday, September 15, 2012

We got to go camping again over Labor Day weekend with my sister + family (yes, I am a little behind on posting, but it's better late than never, right?).  We tried out a campground by Lake Cascade.  The good thing was we had a killer view of the lake, it was beautiful.  

Also, our campground featured a newly built, very nice shower facility.  Super clean, tiled and free!  That plus flushing toilets is a HUGE bonus when camping.  It's makes the whole experience easier.  The down side was our camp site was very small, we had to set up our tent on the asphalt and the sites were pretty close together so we got to with our neighbors.  In our endeavor to make camping as comfortable as possible while still in a tent...we got a new, huge tent that is awesome. No need to duck as it's 6' the whole space and there was lots of room inside.  Since it got down to 37 degrees, next year my next item to purchase will be a heater for the tent.  And that should do it.  Maybe.

It was really a great weekend.  Everyone was free to do what they wanted.  Hannah and Brendan played about 48 hours of card games, Taylor got to do some "parkour", and I took about 4 naps and read.  We went to Gold Fork Hot Springs near McCall one day and it was fabulous, and had breakfast at the delicious pancake house in McCall.  

Deer came down two nights we were there.

Silly boy!