Saturday, September 15, 2012

Here are some pics from my iphone that I thought I would share.

Favorite Pedicure ever.  It's called the Minx and it lasted 2 months!  It's a wrap they apply with heat, not polish.  Loved it.  The design was paisley with rhinestones.  Totally doing that next summer.

Happy voter.  Our community passed a much needed education bond.  That's me and my "I Voted" sticker. I was trying to look as cheesy as possible.  Did I pass?

Taylor's current favorite place. That kid really loves to climb things-fences, walls, trees, rocks.  I guess he's trying out the phrase 'practice makes perfect.'

My favorite time of day.  Every day the kids come home from school and most of the time I'm working in my office.  So, they sit on the love seat, with the dogs and tell me about their day at school, what homework they had, etc.  Love it.

Sweet fresh peaches.  Peaches are in season, and I am eating them up as fast as possible.  With cottage cheese, in cereal, sprinkled with cinnamon, or my favorite pictured above: with greek yogurt, granola and cinnamon.  Yum.

Dog takes over bed.  This is a crappy photo but last night Hannah and I were watching TV in bed and Isa took up her favorite spot: next to me with her head on the pillow, just like a person.  She makes herself nice and comfy and it was funny. Sometimes I wake up and there she is.  The picture doesn't quite capture it.

Favorite poem about marriage.  I found this on Pinterest (obesessed with that site really!) and love it!