Friday, April 30, 2010

Who said metabolism?
It's hard getting old, and the metabolism ssssslloowwss down.  Especially when most of your life you've been able to get by with pretty much eating what you want, when you want and exercising when you want and how you want.  I've always had a good appetite, and when I was younger it was necessary.  I wore girls size 12 clothing until I reached high school and was frequently teased for my skinny arms and legs, I couldn't gain weight.  Finding a size 0 back then was tough, I had to special order dresses for proms.  What nobody could see, is I was eating, like a man, like I could never fill up.  Lots of girls thought I was anorexic.  I had a really high metabolism and I was super active-we lived on a ranch and there was lots of work to do, and my senior year i was on the track team, plus I was naturally always moving.  When you have an appetite like this and it burns quickly, you really can eat WHATEVER you want.Donuts, pizza, heavy dinners with carbs?  No problem.  When I got to college I didn't have a car so I literally walked everywhere and in Seattle, there are some steep streets downtown where I lived.  But still, pizza at midnight, IHOP runs at 1 am, no problem. I have to say when I met my very health conscience husband to be when I was 23, he was appalled at my eating habits...donuts at midnight?  I got a very funny look from him, and unfortunately over the years I have taken him to the dark side of junk food.  Nevertheless,  in the summers between college, I worked at a lodge where I hiked all the time and ran.  I maintained a size 6 and those skinny arms and legs.  Although I did like my junk food and candy, I have always enjoyed fresh veggies and fruit, whole grains, etc (thanks to my Mom and Grandma and that garden).

So this carried through both my pregnancies, gain 50+ pounds-gone in 6 weeks, gain 35 pounds, gone in 3 months. The picture on the right is when my son is one year old, I am a size 6 and eating whatever I wanted, thank you very much.
  I've only "dieted" twice in my life, I used and it was really easy.  If I felt my clothes weren't fitting, I'd go on more walks or eat more produce.  It worked for a long time! 

Well about four years ago I went on this medication and in a year I gained 20 pounds. WHAT?  I didn't really notice it, and thought I was just not being so active or eating too much, but as soon as I stopped taking it, I stopped gaining, BUT I've maintained that weight since (i didn't read the fine print that weight gain was a side effect).  YUCK!  So after a lifetime of eating how I like, I've realized something has to change and I HAVE to get this 20 pounds off!!  Not just to lose weight but I gotta rein in that carb loading and sugar, and bad habits.

Not snacking after dinner, not eating desserts all the time, and consistent exercise? Someone shoot me in the head, please.

Surprise, surprise.
 I found an easy meal program that isn't crazy counting stuff and eliminating foods-just filling up on fruits/veggies/whole grains, lean proteins and healthy fats. I am really enjoying eating well.  I am having some fun and feeling so much better. It does make it easier that I don't mind eating tons of veggies and brown rice and stuff like that.  Naturally I could eliminate red meat but i have to find dishes my family likes, and they LOVE red meat.   I am even getting exercise in-sigh. I hate exercising-I do like walking and riding bikes and hiking, but not aerobics and strength training.  I have some DVD's old and new and they do kick my butt and I'm seeing the scale move!!  Also, after decreasing my sugar, I am noticing my cravings subsiding and not wanting to snack.  Grab some almonds, a hard boiled egg, some fruit, and I'm good to go.  I try and leave Sunday for my casual day since we have lunch at church and a family dinner.  I don't do well saying no to everything but smaller portions are helping for sundays.  I went out to lunch with Mike yesterday and had a salad with vinegrette, no garlic bread and left half my pasta on the plate.  The pasta I ordered wasn't great, but baby steps.  I took the kids to mcdonald's for breakfast, something we NEVER do and I got an egg mcmuffin with no cheese-just egg, canadian bacon and an english muffin.  Little steps.

What little ears hear.
 I'm also noticing a weird thing with Hannah and her talk of getting "skinny".  Um, she is built exactly like me at that age-skinny and bony describes it.  So I have to be careful and say I am working on eating healthier and taking care of my body-not just getting skinny.  I can't believe the way she talks about her body-she is SEVEN!! So I just repeat having healthier habits but all she sees is that I am trying to get thin.  I can't believe the stuff she hears from other girls.  I just tell her she is exactly right for how she was made.  I try and talk about everyone having different shapes and sizes.  I just can't believe I'm talking about that to my seven year old, and how she notices and hears everything.

SO hopefully I can keep this up another 8 weeks and I will be all done losing and can just maintain.  will I ever be a size 6 again?  Probably not and I am 100% OK with that.  I do want to lose the weight, but more imporantly want to get some healthy habits on board that will last my life.

It sucks getting older, and I will miss the oreos. Yes I will.   That's just being real folks.  Now off I go to make some granola.
Here's to good health! I'm not writing about it until I reach my goal!


Rendi said...

I'm right there with you! I wish for the good old days, but realize the work of now. I really have to get it going after this baby. I felt so good when I lost the weight almost 3 years ago. I swore I wouldn't be a fattie again and here I am.

ohmylanta said...

Good for you Kristi. It is really hard to change eating habits. I have tried to make those changes sporadically over the last few years. I still have ten pounds to go. Good luck to you.