Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Let me just brag about my smart boy who got his third quarter report card-all A's and At's and two B's.  Plus he has only missed three days so far (one for a funeral and two for a wedding).  We are just really proud of how well he does in class, and at home.  Right now he seems to be the "easy" child and the only thing he does that gets him in trouble is staying up too late at night to read.  

So I just burned Hannah a CD for her to listen to on her CD player from my iTunes, all songs she selected.  As she told me, "Mom I need some rock." Yes, there is her favorite songs from Taylor Swift ("You belong to me"-she sings it in the shower) and Miley Cyrus.  She heard them at her cousins house last summer and just loves them.  The CD wasn't complete without Queens: We will rock you and Joy to the World (rock version).  Let me just say I am one of those parents who won't let my kids listen to just any music and any lyrics. But Miley and Taylor are pretty wholesome and their lyrics are innocent so I let her pick two of those for the CD's.  Hannah was amazed my computer could "burn" her a CD, she kept waiting for some smoke to come out.  Sigh.  At least she is still naive about some things.  Now for her comment on how she doesn't really like Lady Gaga's music.  Are you kidding me?


Rendi said...

my boys are singing Weird Al songs...not from me either!