Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It seems like months since I've posted pics of my kiddos-it probably hasn't been that long but I do like to exaggerate.  In no particular order here they are, lots of Hannah dressing up, our hotel "winter break" a month ago and the kids wrestling, their favorite way to play together.  Taylor is getting to be a hard one to get a picture of (so I took a picture of him doing his favorite thing lately-reading). Hannah on the other hand, well, by the look of ratio between them, let's just say she LOVES getting her photo taken, and tells me what pose she is going to do BEFORE I take the picture.  Yikes.  

Notice her necklace she was so proud to make...I LOVE CATS..
I hope I don't have to worry about her owning 16 of them when she gets older and living by herself