Sunday, March 20, 2011

I know I've more than occasionally talked about my uphill battle with food, exercise and feeling good about myself.  Well, prepare yourself because i just need to chat a bit about my progress, lack of progress and everything in between.

In January I had enough of my negative outlook about myself and knew that I was getting older and needed to step things up to be healthier.  I started working out 5-6 days a week and watching what I ate.  In February I was down 8 lbs and lost several inches and could fit into a size 12!! I felt so good, so in control and just happy I was making changes.  I have only "dieted" a couple times in my life so this was a big deal.

However I am the kind of person that really struggles with doing the same thing all the time. I like change and can't stick to anything. Ask my husband how hard it is for me to remember to take a pill everyday.  I just stink at things like that.  When you are trying to watch what you eat, you have to stick to eating better, everyday. You have to commit to it.
So i went on a vacation and even managed to lose 2 lbs! Woo-hoo I think to myself, things are going great.  Well, I got home.  I had so much work I didnt' have time to prepare food and ate out a lot, and was stressed.  I gained a couple lbs back.  The good news is I continue to work out 5-6 days a week-that part I have down!  I will hold on to that silver lining.  But my eating was not so good. Lots of dessert and fattening foods.  I was starting to get discouraged and thinking I was going to give up.  But I just can't. I know I can lose that last 15 lbs if it takes me a year (i really hope it doesn't take that long). It's not all about how I look, it's knowing I followed something through and completed it!

This week, I came across a website called  I know spark fit and a million others have been around for awhile.  It tracks your calorie intake and exercise calories burned.  Yes, it takes time to enter in your food and exercise, but for me, I think I've found a tool that is just what I need.  I have tracked everything now for a week and I am consistently over 200-300 calories everyday even with exercising.  So I can start eating less calories....and for some reason,  entering in an oreo shake on there really makes me feel like I am wasting calories and I think twice about eating that shake.

I am hoping this next week,  I can have some calories left over during the day because that is when you start losing weight.   That is my  mini-goal.

So there you go. A little progress as slow as a catapillar but I will take it.  It's better than nothing.

We are leaving for Nevada the following week for spring break vacation.  I hope to eat less and still exercise.  Or at lease exercise while there.  Because I just can't give up.  I CAN do it. Even if it takes a long time.


Rendi said...

just think of the beautiful butterfly that you will become...