Monday, March 7, 2011

It's official, I am so done with winter.  I LOVE fall and winter. I burrow and nest like a squirrel, baking and drinking hot drinks and reading and snuggling with my kids and hubbie.  But enough already.  I don't really love the hot weather but I am ready to get outside.  Today it snowed.  Beautiful, big fat snowflakes that I enjoyed for about 60 seconds.  It's March!! Enough with the winter already.  It got up to a blazing 50 degrees the other day and Hannah wanted to do two things: change into shorts and go on a family hike.  She cracks me up.  The kids have spring break in a couple weeks and how nice it would be to get outside!! I don't mind exercising inside with the DVD's and the elliptical but playing tennis, hiking and walking is much better ways of breaking a sweat. Our dogs are fat and need walking!
The kids and I going to do a hotel stay over spring break, our once yearly tradition when everyone is about to go bonkers from the winter weather.  We can pretend, as we are in the indoor swimming pool, that summer is close. Ha.

On another note, I made some delicious pasta last night that had prosciutto and peas in a light creamy parmesan sauce-yum. That dish is going to get made again.  Tonight I roasted carrots and parsnips in the oven. It was really good. I also made a pot roast that I added some herbs to, it had a great flavor. I am hoping to plant an herb garden. I've already got books from the library to help me. I am not a gardener.

What else?  Taylor is still up to his shenanigans of not handing in assignments and we had to take his treasured Bionicles and Nintendo DS away.  Sometimes being the heavy is tough.  He got really mad, yelled at us, slammed his door and sweetly joined us for dinner 30 minutes later.  I guess I can call him a "tween" now.  An almost-always-sweet tween.  We got out scattegories last night (my favorite game) and he loved it.  It's too hard for Hannah but he and I played before dinner today and I'm so happy there is someone else in this house that appreciates Scattegories.

We took the kids to Tangled and had dinner afterwards.  The movie was cute and I was the only one that appreciated the singing. I really love family nights.

And last but not least, I am embarrased to say, I got caught up in the Real Housewives of New Jersey and had to watch all of Season 2 via Amazon's TV on demand.  Not pretty. To my defense, I was on the elliptical working out and needed something to watch that would keep my attention and they had Season 1 re-runs.  So naturally, I needed to see what happened to those ladies next and since i don't get Bravo, Amazon helped me out.  They are Italian families, I love it.

BTW: Celine Dion is in Vegas and her concerts start March 15.  Yes, I would even travel to Las Vegas to see her!