Saturday, March 12, 2011

 Today I am thankful my brother in Japan is okay
I am thankful I am in such a great place in my life
I am grateful to have 2 healthy and happy kids and a husband who loves me
I am grateful to have a job and am able to work from home
I am grateful for running water, a warm home and grocery stores I can get fresh food from
I am grateful I know my Lord
I am grateful to get medical care for my family when I need it at a small price
I am grateful for so many things that I don't say enough
Yes, sometimes life is hard, frustrating, depressing, and I get irritable, impatient, or angry and negative to others around me
but today I am going to celebrate all the things I am grateful for.

and...I am happy I can change my hair when I want to
Here's the new hair-do


AFTER ( I know, BIG change right?)