Thursday, March 24, 2011

It happened this morning.
Taylor hands me a piece of paper from school to sign.
Looks like a standard permission slip for.....WAIT! NOOOOOOOO! NOT YET!!!!!
"We require a parent's permission for your child to watch a gender specific video by Disney and a nurse presentation about puberty and the changes that come with it."

But he's only 11. He's only in 5th grade.
I didn't get that "video" until I was in 6th grade.

I guess it's time for this mama to grow up.

So giggling, I ask Taylor if he knows what the video will be like.  He says no.  I think to myself we can go two ways here: ignore it and not talk about it and be embarassed or just deal with it.  The kid has been watching nature shows since he was 2 years old. So I deal.  I just start talking about what puberty means and being silly but matter of fact about the facial hair, his voice getting deeper and zits (I was keeping with safe ones here).  Wow- were my kids fascinated with zits-what was inside them, what they are, how they get there.  And that is where we left off.  I figure the bigger stuff can come later.

It's begun.