Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I have to post some delicious recipes we've enjoyed the past couple days.
  In case I haven't talked enough about how much I love Catherine Newman's recipes, let me talk some more.  I have been craving the Red Robin chicken fiesta salad (black beans, creamy dressing, grilled chicken) and came across one of her recipes from summer when it's hot and nobody really wants to eat heavy foods.  So this chicken cilantro-lime salad is to die for (cooking note-make sure you use 1/3 cup lime juice and decrease salt to 1 tsp.). I could eat it all year round. I could make just the dressing and eat it on ANY salad.  I made it Sunday night and seriously we just loaded our plates with that salad and it was the meal, no accompaniments.  Because we had such a light meal, I thought Catherine's Brazilian cake would be the perfect dessert.  Again, delicious.  The coffee in the chocolate cake brings out the chocolate-ly flavor.  FYI, Disney fired Catherine (her weekly food blog) but she still posts recipes every Monday for all of us that love her and her food.  I am secretly jealous of the things she feeds her kids and they eat lovingly.  What it would be like to cook and have my kids rave about it?  My secret is out.

one last bite of those pancakes-they were so good
Next up..after seeing Gwyenth Paltrow's cookbook in Target, I wanted it.  Then my Self magazine came with some of her recipes.  So tonight, we tried the pancakes that is a recipe from her Dad.  They were sooooo good.  Gotta love that buttermilk.  Just when I was having some hope for Taylor's taste buds, he says to me after i ask him if he likes the pancakes, "No Mom, they were off, something just wasn't right."  Who is this kid?

BTW-good news: the owner of the company who sent the "apple" tech to my house to work on my computer but didn't do anything is going to refund my $$.  That makes me pretty happy.