Sunday, May 29, 2011

It's Memorial day weekend.  A time filled with sunshine, bbq's and the beginning of summer.  Unless you live in Idaho and it's been raining and overcast for a week straight.   It's like living in Seattle.
I am so annoyed at the weather.  Mike took Tuesday off so I was settling into a nice 4 day weekend and I had plans!!  A day trip, a new hike to try out and BBQing!!  Until I looked at the weather report.  56 degrees and rainy.  This family doesn't like to sit around too much, so we decided that the closet Taylor has been needing in his room needs to be built.  I haven't done anything-Mike has built the whole thing.  I have been sick, so other than making Taylor's favorite dessert-strawberry rhubarb crisp, I have not done anything.  Haven't used a power tool or lifted much.
Soooo, our weekend has involved junk food and lots of movie watching. It is only Sunday so we're holding out for some sunshine tomorrow, but I'm not holding my breath!
Here are some random pics off my iPhone (I just found out how to download them to my computer without syncing by using the free app -WiFi photo):

teacher gifts-SCHOOL IS DONE!

Oh Harley, don't look so worried

I love succulent plants-we gave these as teacher gifts

these are called devil dogs-delicious!

this is my snack as i get a king pedicure from Hannah

the boys hard at work

Hannah passing the time on an iPad while the closet is being built

taylor passing time reading