Friday, May 6, 2011

We just read in the paper today that the star (and singer) of Hannah's favorite show, iCarly, is in concert in August in Eagle. Hannah was sooooo excited and wants to go.

I am pretty picky about what the kids watch on TV and iCarly is very age appropriate without all the stupid things the writers think young kids must want to watch (cussing, sexual stuff, disrespectful behavior).  Plus iCarly, aka Miranda Cosgrove, sings and has videos on after the TV show.  Of course Hannah just loves everything about her and I have to admit, the show is pretty funny and creative.  Interesting fact: Avril Lavine helped write one of her songs.

But I'm just wondering if 8 is too young for a concert?  It's outdoors and I'm sure she would absolutely love it.  My first concert was when I was 19 living in Atlanta and saw the Cranberries.  Yes, I'm old  (Do you have to let it linger? doo doo do do).

The tickets are a total rip-off, but it would give Hannah something to work and save for over the summer.  Goodness knows that child needs to learn how to save money and not spend it the minute it's in her hand.

Oh what to do?  If I do take her, I will have to listen to 90 minutes of teen bop music.  I suggested to Mike it would be a really great father-daughter activity.  I just don't get swept up in a lot of popular culture stuff with the kids, I think it's usually too mature and they grow up too quickly. 

I'll have to think about this one.