Saturday, May 21, 2011

I know it's technically not summer quite yet but today's weather had full sunshine and 70's temperatures and it just got me feelin' ready for some SUMMER.  A big contract I had is being postponed a bit and what a relief off my shoulders.  My workload will be as normal and I can enjoy the kids and summer-ish activities.  I am just so happy.
I got 6 planters full of plants and flowers today and it felt so good sweating out in that hot sunshine.

I have so many plans for summer, do you? What are yours?

It seems whenever I try and make actual goals for summer I go a little crazy and make myself crazy trying to complete it, so here are some things I would like to do, keeping it flexible, just some ideas:

  • At least 2 camping trips
  • Some school workbooks to help keep the kid's mind fresh, plus they can earn extra screen time
  • Swimming lessons
  • I would like the kids to pick three things they want to learn to do: so far the list includes making suckers ( hoping we can amp that up a bit)
  • go to at least two local museums
  • fishing 
  • cooking lessons with the kids where they do more than slice or stir-we're talking actual cooking/baking!  Following a recipe!! 
  • summer reading program at the library-we LOVE our books!
  • lots of bike riding and tennis playing
  • hike to at least 2 NEW places
  • everyone wants more kayaking ( we did it once and they loved it)
  • Mike wants more golfing (I'll drive the cart)
  • We are renting a viola for Taylor to start practicing for band next year-excited about that one!
Sounds like we are going to be pretty busy this summer! One last week of school and then freedom.  Taylor and Hannah are so excited. Oh, to be young again.

I'll be looking just like this: